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Flower delivery to France

Home delivery of garden plants and indoor shrubs

Are you looking for an original gift idea? Why not opt for a gorgeous outdoor or indoor plant for your home? Aquarelle offers a plant delivery, selected from a wide choice of garden plants and bushes available along with the seasons: bougainvillea, orange calamondin, bonsai, olive trees, vines... To gift a garden plant is to give something worth cherishing, because it takes loving commitment. It is therefore an unforgettable gift, received with joy.

Home delivered plants and shrubs

A friend has just moved into a house or apartment with a beautiful terrace? A beautiful outdoor or indoor plant seems to be the ideal housewarming gift! Discover the wide selection of outdoor plants offered by Aquarelle and make their wish come true, by offering them the beginning of a small garden in town with their first garden plant!

The bougainvillea, for instance is a Mediterranean plant that never ceases to charm. Its abundant flowering and bright colours give incomparable dynamism and poetry to all gardens and balconies. Planted near a wall, the bougainvillea climbs and blooms from May to November. For an original gift, Aquarelle delivers other outdoor pants such as vines, or plants of cherry-tomatoes, for a mini vegetable garden!

Give the gift of a home delivered outdoor plant

You will also find on our website a wide variety of houseplants, like the Calamondin orange tree, evergreen throughout the year, with a rich scent and blooming orange berry flowers. You can also opt for bonsai and olive trees, very popular with men; but also choose succulents, these Mexican plants can accumulate water reserves and never fade, making them the ideal plant for a sunlit terrace: you can leave them outdoors in the spring and during the summer with very little care.
Pick an original gift and Aquarelle looks after its careful delivery!

Your garden plant, delivered with confectionary and other gifts

So that the surprise is complete, Aquarelle gives you the option to accompany the delivery of a plant of delicacies, such as chocolates, macaroons or delicious and crispy chocolate eggs. You can also choose a 70g scented candle a burn-time of fifteen to twenty hours!

Have the outdoor or indoor plant of your choice delivered to your home, to embellish a terrace, a balcony or sublimate a home. For your deliveries, Aquarelle, delivers your plant in 24h anywhere in France (except Corsica).