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The Aquarelle flower subscription

Aquarelle offers you 2 options: the subscription to be offered in the form of a e-gift card and subscription for you.
How does it work? You choose the size of the package, the frequency of deliveries and the duration of the subscription.
Each bouquet is unique and made with flowers grown in France.

Offer an e-gift card


From 39 €



From 39 €

Subscription for you

A sample of our latest creations

Our flower subscriptions: a tailor-made formula

We have imagined this offer for all those who wish to bloom their daily life or that of a loved one! With Aquarelle, 2 subscription options are possible.

E-gift card
By ordering the e-gift card formula, you offer a loved one a flower subscription for a defined period: 3 months, 6 months or 12 months.
You will offer him his subscription in the form of an e-gift card containing a code to activate on our site. You can print it at home or send it by email.
After creating an Aquarelle account, your recipient can manage their own flower deliveries by choosing the date and destination address for each shipment.

Subscribe or subscribe a loved one to receive or send bouquets as you wish!
With the subscription formula, you can order a flower subscription without commitment (without defined duration) or a subscription with a defined duration.

With Aquarelle, create your tailor-made subscription: choose the size of the bouquet (35 cm or 40 cm), the delivery frequency (1, 2 or 4 times a month) and the duration of the subscription (3, 6 or 12 months).
If you have chosen the non-binding subscription formula, you will be debited by direct debit before each flower shipment. You can at any time decide to suspend your subscription.
If you have chosen a subscription period, payment is made in one go.

Bouquets made with flowers from France
For the bouquets of the flower subscription, Aquarelle has chosen flowers grown in France and labeled Fleurs de France. These seasonal flowers come from all over France and from carefully chosen partner producers.
Daily arrivals of flowers allow us to make the bouquets just in time and to deliver fresh flowers, just picked. These bouquets, made according to the arrivals of the day, are unique bouquets, made by our florists with all their know-how.