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Thank you flowers and gifts delivery

To say thank you, we offer a large choice of bouquets of flowers, plants and chocolates for express 24h home delivery anywhere in France. With so many different gift-sets, you can be sure to find the ideal thank you gift. Send a thank you bouquet to a friend or family member, a client of a colleague!

Your seasonal thank you flowers, to which you can add candles or chocolates, will be delivered anywhere in France in 24h.

Flowers and gifts to say thank you

Choosing a bouquet of flowers to thank a person is an elegant and timeless way to express gratitude. Opening your heart in this beautiful way can only delight the person who receives this mark of recognition. Discover on our website our wide range of bouquets of thank you flowers, as well as various house plants or bonsai, to express your gratitude to someone who’s been kind to you.

Say thank you!

Nothing easier than to send thank you flowers in 24 hours everywhere in France with Aquarelle. But what are the best opportunities to send thank you flowers?

In fact, all occasions lend themselves to this charming mark of attention. Indeed, you can send thank you flowers and gifts in various circumstances. One may wish to thank a mother who took good care of her grandchildren when the parents were at the beach; a neighbor who has watered the garden during the holidays; a friend who helped to repaint a room; an employee who is retiring; a customer for his loyalty; or simply to say "thank you for being yourself and being there" ...
Whatever your reason for expressing your gratitude, Aquarelle is the ideal partner for all your messages and gifts.

Choose your thank you flowers

Choosing a gift to thank someone can be a little delicate, depending on how well you know the person. A bouquet of flowers will always be a good choice if you want to be sure to please and will leave an unforgettable memory of your appreciation. Not to worry, Aquarelle has some tips to help you. First, you have to choose your thank you flowers and the colours of your bouquet according to the bond that unites you to the person you want to give thanks to. If you know their taste, you can opt for their favourite flowers.

You might prefer pink roses for your mothers, sisters, girls, girlfriends. For relatives, but also for people you are not intimately related to, you can choose yellow tulips, daffodils or opt for a freshly-cut country bouquet composed of chamomile flowers, white roses, gray-green thistles and white lisianthus. Beautiful orchids with a box of chocolates should please men very much.

Thank you bouquets by Aquarelle

Flowers are about conveying the right message without words. Original flower compositions and harmonious palettes of colours will be code for whatever you’re wanting to express.

For thank you flowers, Aquarelle offers a wide variety of bouquets, but also gifts and treats so you can thank various people in different circumstances.
Bouquets of multicoloured or monochrome flowers, chocolate boxes, scented candles, all our creations expressing your most beautiful messages and thank you gifts will be carefully delivered by Aquarelle in 24 hours everywhere in metropolitan France.