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The rose: a unique language

Red rose bouquet or white rose bouquet, or a different shade?

For centuries, people relied on floriography, or the meaning of flowers, using specific shades to express their feelings.
  • A red rose bouquet is perfect for the most passionate statements.
  • For romantic statements, pink roses are the most appropriate. The rose symbolises femininity, refinement and tenderness.
  • White roses, also called nuptial roses, express humility and respect. Offer a white rose bouquet to express a pure and deep love.
  • Yellow roses express joy with their cheerful colour.
The shade chosen for a bouquet of rose has a meaning, understood by all.

How many roses? Several options :

What is the meaning behind the number of roses in a bouquet?

Commonly, below 10, roses are best offered in odd numbers, mainly for aesthetic reasons.
  • 1 rose to express love at first sight.
  • 2 roses to express mutual love or ask for forgiveness.
  • 12 roses to thank your beloved or for a marriage proposal.
  • 24 roses to be gallant and respectful.
  • 36 roses to declare your love.
  • 100 roses for happy and everlasting love.
  • 101 roses express passion and love without restraint.
Remember to look at the meaning of the number of roses before offering a bouquet of roses.

To each special occasion its perfect rose

The bouquet of roses is a timeless gift for any occasion! Hailed the favourite flower of the French for centuries, the rose is sure to delight. Make sure you select the appropriate shade for your bouquet, so you convey the right message.
  • For a declaration of love, choose a big red rose bouquet.
  • For a wedding, opt for a white rose bouquet.
  • A bouquet of birthday roses should be colourful and vibrant, to give a festive note to your gift!
  • Choose a light shade of roses for a gentle show of attention.

A perfect rose bouquet delivery with Aquarelle

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Roses for everyday of the week

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