Our sweet bouquets

Aquarelle offers delicious bouquets composed of mini baskets filled with Haribo sweets, mini chocolate bar and other confectionery. A mouth-watering treat for all ages.


The Sweetshop Bouquet

Sweet Bouquet
Product pictured : 39,00€

From 33,00€

A delicious composition of sweets!
For sweet-toothed gourmets, our florists have transformed these delicious sweets into flowers! This original composition is composed of Haribo Smurf and Strawberry Tagada sticks, Chupa Chups lollipops, crunchy Mentos and mini Mars, Bounty and Snickers chocolate bars. Filled with the sweets of our childhood, this composition will delight every generation!

33 €: 500g of sweets + foliage
39 €: 580g of sweets + foliage
45 €: 680g of sweets + foliage

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Small Sweetshop Bouquet

Small sweetshop bouquet
Product pictured : 25,00€

From 25,00€

Sweets for my sweet!
For everyone with a sweet tooth, here's our favourite mouth-watering creation in a smaller format, composed of mini chocolate bars and colourful sweets arranged in dainty wicker baskets. A feast for the eyes and the tastebuds for young and old alike...

25 € : 240g of sweets + foliage

Cheapest delivery charges : only 6,80 € ( (instead of 10,60 €)

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Delivery of sweet bouquets by Aquarelle

Order a delicious sweet bouquets composed of lollipops, chocolate bars and sachets of sweets. Have one delivered anywhere in France (except Corsica)!

Send a bouquet of sweets

A favourite in the Aquarelle bouquet collection, our deliciously original sweet bouquet has been a best-seller for 15 years. Composed of Haribo Smurf and Strawberry Tagada sticks, Chupa Chups lollipos, Mentos and mini Mars, Bounty or Snickers bars, this bouquet is perfect for gourmets young and old!

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