Scented candle delivery

Discover the richness of our scented candles: twelve enchanting fragrances created exclusively for Aquarelle by a perfume creator. As a stand-alone gift or delivered along with a bouquet of seasonal flowers, a natural scented candle by Aquarelle is a gift of great originality that is sure to please! You too, let yourself be tempted by the pleasure of offering these flower-candle duets. Guaranteed delivery in 24 hours, everywhere in France!

Our natural scented candles

All the scented candles proposed by Aquarelle are made of 100% natural vegetable wax, which fuses at a low-temperature. This extends the scented candle’s lasting power and optimises the dissemination of the fragrances in your home. Choosing Aquarelle candles is the assurance of buying natural wax candles that do not give off black smoke while burning up: a quality stamp, just like all Aquarelle products.

Artisan-style production

Our range of candles « Les Natures d’AQUARELLE » is made by a small, family-run company, drawing master candle-maker skills from several generations of experience. This eco-responsible business uses only high-quality products, with a total respect for the environment.

Woody and floral scented candles

To create our range of scented candles, Aquarelle worked closely with perfume specialist, Karine Boudot. As co-founder of the fragrance design company PCA, located close to Grasse, the perfume capital of the world, her passion is to develop new, custom-made perfume compositions. Inexpensive, high-quality scented candles make the perfect gifts to your loved ones or as a treat to yourself!

12 enchanting fragrances

Fruity or sweet, spicy or woody, the fragrances of our scented candles offer a variety of olfactory voyages to fill the home with gorgeous smells. These delicate scents - woody cinnamon, cedar, fig, frangipani, neroli jasmine, lilac, narcissus, red peony, garden rose, tuberose - have been designed and developed by an esteemed perfume-master and are handmade by expert candle-makers. These enchanted flower-candle gift-sets and candle hampers are sure to please your loved ones.

An original and popular gift idea

An original gift, a naturally-scented candle is a particularly appreciated present. Filling your home with warm or fresh, spring-like smells, it also makes a perfect gift for an outdoor area, where it sublimates the atmosphere of a terrace, balcony or garden. Depending on your budget, you can opt for an outdoor candle of 500g or 200g and presented in a beautiful white cup. You can also choose an indoor candle or boxes of several candles from 70g to 190g. For a luxurious gift, there a maxi format: a large, scented candle of 1.65 kg, which will last for many hours on end!

Flower and candle delivery, a special gift

Discover our wide choice of scented candles that will delight the people who will receive them as a gift. And, to make it an even more special gift, you can add a bouquet of flowers or a plant, such as a bonsai, to your scented candle: these flower-candle gift-sets are a beautiful duo that will « wow » for sure! Aquarelle delivers your flower and candle gift-sets in 24 hours, everywhere in France.