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Baby Girl Gift Set

50 roses + 210g box of rochers + 10 cm cuddly rabbit

Product pictured : 3 gifts

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A sachet of 150g of chocolate eggs
A sachet of 150g of chocolate eggs

A sachet of 150g of chocolate eggs

Ballotin of delicious rochers (160g)
Ballotin of delicious rochers (160g)

Ballotin of delicious rochers (160g)

Scented candle
Scented candle

Scented candle

Total : €71.00

An ideal gift to welcome a new baby girl!
Aquarelle has created the perfect trio for mum, dad and baby, combining a magnificent bouquet of 50 pure white 'Akito' fair trade roses with a delicate pink box of our delicious Ecuador chocolate coated praline rochers and an adorable10 cm velvety white cuddly rabbit made by Doudou et Compagnie!

71 €: 50 roses + a box of rochers (210 g) + a cuddly rabbit
Instructions for care

How to keep cut flowers fresh

  • Cut the tie surrounding the stems
  • Clean the stems, removing any leaves that will be immersed in water.
  • Trim the stems according to the height of your vase.
  • Fill the vase with fresh water.
  • Add the sachet of plant food provided.
  • Change the water and trim the stems every 2 days

How to preserve our rochers

Our chocolate rochers should be kept in their original packaging, in a cool, dry place at room temperature.
To enjoy them at their best, we recommend that you eat them within a month of receiving them.
Composition: Sugar, Hazelnuts, Cocoa butter, Almonds, Whole milk powder, Cocoa, Lactose, Cocoa powder, emulsifier (Non-GMO certified soya lecithin), Salt, Flavouring.