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Bougainvillea Alexandra

Product pictured : 30 cm

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A gorgeous Mediterranean plant!
This small, robust bougainvillea will flower spectacularly, as its long, curving branches bloom with a mass of glorious fuchsia pink flowers for an exceptionally long season.
It needs plenty of water and sunlight and will thrive best on a terrace or garden, or placed behind a sunny window. It will flower throughout the summer and brighten your home with its vibrant colours for many weeks to come. Your bougainvillea will be delivered with a pretty zinc plant pot.

Height including pot: 30 cm
Instructions for care

How to care for a Bougainvillea

The following care tips, which will be enclosed with your order, will help the recipient enjoy this flowering plant for as long as possible:

  • In the ground: Like all tropical plants, the Bougainvillea is sensitive to cold and will not withstand temperatures below 0°C. It should be planted in well-drained area in garden soil mixed with potting compost.
  • In a pot: Choose high quality, light potting compost, composed of blond peat. Repot in the spring in a pot with a slightly larger diameter. Just before the autumn, protect your bougainvillea by placing it in a conservatory or behind a large window.
  • Exposure: Whether in a pot or in the ground, it will particularly appreciate warmth and a sunny location.
  • Watering: For a potted bougainvillea, soak it twice a week, let it drain then replace it in the pot. Outside, in hot weather, it should be watered generously every day. In the winter, water less frequently.
  • Fertilizer: In the summer, add a little fertilizer every 15 days to stimulate flowering. Reduce the amount of fertilizer towards the end of the summer and stop completely when autumn arrives.