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Sweet Bouquet
Sweet Bouquet
Sweet Bouquet
Sweet Bouquet
Sweet Bouquet
Sweet Bouquet

Sweetshop bouquet

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A delicious sweet bouquet!
For sweet-toothed gourmets, our florists have transformed these delicious sweets into flowers! This original composition is composed of Haribo Smurf and Strawberry Tagada sticks, Chupa Chups lollipops, crunchy Mentos and mini Mars, Bounty and Snickers chocolate bars. Filled with the sweets of our childhood, this composition will delight every generation!

33 €: 500g of sweets + foliage
39 €: 580g of sweets + foliage
45 €: 680g of sweets + foliage

Your bouquet travels in comfort

Aquarelle takes good care of your bouquet. It will be wrapped in protective paper and will travel with its stems in water in our special transport vase. It will arrive at its destination in a pretty kraft box.

Flowers delivered with their stems in water
Carefully designed packaging
Your flowers are protected