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Flower delivery > Children's Snack and 3D Birthday Card

Children's Snack and 3D Birthday Card

Product pictured : 6 baskets

Set delivery price : €7.90

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Total : €36.90


Bouquet of treats!
To all those with a sweet tooth, here is our 'Children's Snack' assembled into a small bouquet. It consists of sour candies and chocolate treats to please all those with a sweet tooth!

€36,90: 235 g of sweets and treats (6 baskets) + 1 birthday card

To make your gift even more special, it will come with a 3D birthday card. Reduced delivery costs: €7.90 (instead of €10.60)

Instructions for care

How to keep our sweetshop bouquet ?
Although it was composed using fresh foliage, there is no need to place this bouquet in water, as the leaves will dry without turning yellow or dropping.

May contain traces of the following allergens: egg, wheat, sesame, gluten, milk, peanuts or other nuts.