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Exceptional White Peonies

Product pictured : 15 stems

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White peonies for a beautifully stylish gift
It's the beginning of the season for these superb peonies. According to arrivals from Brittany, Corrèze and the South of France, Aquarelle proposes the following deliciously fragrant, historic varieties: 'Duchesse de Nemours', 'Festiva Maxima', 'Claude Tain' and 'Odile'. These tall, very generous flowers are tinged with a hint of soft green when they are still in bud and unfurl to produce beautifully pure white blooms. We've assembled them in simple bunches to make a composition filled with natural charm.

. So they can be enjoyed for as long as possible on arrival, these peonies will be sent out completely closed.

Instructions for care

How to keep cut peonies fresh

  • Cut the tie surrounding the stems.
  • Clean the stems thoroughly, removing as much foliage as possible, as this can affect the quality of the water and prevent your flowers from opening.
  • Trim the stems according to the height of your vase.
  • Put fresh water in your vase and add the sachet of plant food provided.
  • Change the water every two days. Tip: Also top up the water regularly, as peonies are particularly thirsty flowers.
Faithful to the picture
Faithful to the picture
30 years know how
Optimal freshness
Optimal freshness
Freshly delivered in a water reciptient
Desired delivery date
Desired delivery date
4 hours delivery in Paris by bike, 24h delivery accross France