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Ficus Alii

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A saber leaf shrub
A large indoor plant with a unique look. This 110 cm high shrub offers an abundant and drooping foliage with its braided trunks which gives it a very decorative effect. Contrary to the others, it is a shade plant which requires little light. Moreover it has depolluting properties which makes it a unique gift to green your interiors or brighten up an office.

Diameter : 27 cm
Height : 110 cm pot included
Instructions for care
Comment entretenir un Polyscias?
  • Exposition : à la lumière sans soleil direct.
  • Température : entre 15 et 22°C.
  • Arrosage : l'arroser 1 fois par semaines du printemps à l'automne, sans laisser d’eau stagnante dans la soucoupe.
  • Rempotage : de mars à avril environ tous les 2 à 3 ans.
Included flower pot
Included flower pot
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From Europe
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Desired delivery date
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