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The Mount Fuji

The bouquet will be delivered with a nice postcard of the print.
On receipt, the lilies will still be closed. They will open as the days go by.

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The Fuji from Gotenyama on the Tokaido is one of the famous thirty-six views of Mount Fuji by the Japanese artist Hokusai.
On this print, the mountain dominates a village scattered with cherry trees in bloom. The drawing employs black outlines encircling the flat planes of green and vibrant blue. Pink adds a dash of softness, which contrasts with the agitation of the characters in the foreground.
Hokusai is apainter, drawer and engraver specialising in Ukiyo-e. This artistic movement, of which the name means 'pictures of the floating world', was developed in Japan in the 17th century. This period is synonymous with peace and prosperity.
In this bouquet crafted with care by our artisan florists, blue tracheliums and pink carnations mirror the rich hues of Hokusai's landscape. The elegant scented double lily introduces some Asian flora to the composition. The branches of hazel really accentuate the natural quality of the print. Our bouquet is arranged with plenty of height, in the same style as theseries of landscape compositions in Hokusai's prints. The tenderness and serenity of the flowers in our bouquet reflect the Ukiyo-e aesthetic style. Like a spring morning, the floral composition conveys both harmony and tranquillity.

Aquarelle's artisan florists and the Ecole du Louvre have collaborated to create a capsule collection of flower bouquets inspired by the works of art of the master painters.
In the same way that a painter uses canvas, paint brushes and paints for their creation, our florists have conceived and composed the bouquets of the collection with a fresh floral colour palette.
They apply the same approach, using similar gestures to create a unique and personal creation.
The aim? To put art at the heart of the everyday, in order to discover or rediscover paintings through bouquets which translate the colours, style and spirit of the artwork.

Instructions for care

How to keep cut flowers fresh
  • Cut the tie surrounding the stems
  • Clean the stems, removing any leaves that will be immersed in water.
  • Trim the stems according to the height of your vase.
  • Fill the vase with fresh water.
  • Add the sachet of plant food provided.
  • Change the water and trim the stems every 2 days
Faithful to the picture
Faithful to the picture
30 years know how
Optimal freshness
Optimal freshness
Freshly delivered in a water reciptient
Desired delivery date
Desired delivery date
4 hours delivery in Paris by bike, 24h delivery accross France