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Orange Guzmania

Product pictured : 42 cm

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A beautiful tropical plant
Give the gift of an exotic variety that's much loved for its evergreen foliage, longevity and vibrant colours that will light up any interior with their orange hues. Native to Central America and the West Indies, this easy-to-maintain houseplant with its pretty flowers will be the ideal gift for fans of original varieties.
Height : 42cm
Ø 12

Instructions for care

The following care tips, which will be included with your order, will help your recipient enjoy this plant for as long as possible.
  • Location : Somewhere with plenty of light but no direct sunlight (east or west facing). Avoid placing it next to any source of heat as this tropical plant needs humidity.
  • Temperature : Between 15 and 30 °C.
  • Watering : This plant needs a humid atmosphere. Spray the foliage and pour a little lukewarm water (not too hard) into the centre of the flower once a month.
  • Fertilizer: Use a liquid fertilizer for green plants every month to prolong flowering, except in the autumn and winter.
  • Repotting : Repot when separating the suckers from the parent. Let them grow to half the height of the plant. As this plant has few roots, a pot of 8 to 10 cm in diameter should suffice.
  • When outside: From mid-May, this plant can be placed outside on a balcony or terrace in a shady spot. Protect it for the first few weeks and cover it at night.
Included flower pot
Included flower pot
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From Europe
From Europe
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Desired delivery date
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