Orchid and Macaroons
Orchid and Macaroons
Orchid and Macaroons
Orchid and Macaroons

Orchid and Macaroons

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Mouth-watering macaroons with an orchid!
Aquarelle has joined forces with the master artisan pâtissier, Sébastien Laurent, to bring you a range of exceptional recipes developed with his inimitable savoir-faire and experience. Using only the finest ingredients - vanilla from Madagascar, pistachios from Sicily, Ecuador chocolate, Isigny salt butter caramel, praline, chestnuts and speculoos... - he has created a unique selection of flavours we have assembled in attractive boxes of 8 or 16 macaroons.
For an even more generous gift. your macaroons will be accompanied by a superb white phaenopsis orchid.

33,90 € : 8 macaroons + a white orchid
46,90 € : 16 macaroons + a white orchid

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