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Romantic & contry style

Romantique champĂȘtre

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A 'Fig Tree' scented candle 70g
A 'Fig Tree' scented candle 70g

A 'Fig Tree' scented candle 70g

Total : €55.00

A bouquet in soft hues !
Aquarelle offers you its new range of dried flower bouquets which you can enjoy for even longer... Discover a tender bouquet in a pale pink colour palette, with delicate rhodanthe flowers mingled with charming helichrysum and statice. A timeless gift with plenty of bucolic charm which will add a delicate floral touch to your living spaces.
Instructions for care
How to take care of dried flowers
  • Do not place the stems in water as the bouquet should be kept dry.
  • To keep the colours bright, avoid exposing the flowers to direct sunlight.
  • Dried flowers require very little maintenance, but they can be dusted occasionally using a hair drier on a low, cool setting.
  • NB: Dried flowers should always be handled head downwards.