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Sainte-Victoire Mountain

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Paul Cézanne, Sainte-Victoire Mountain,1890, Musée D'Orsay, Paris

Paul CĂ©zanne,a French painter from the late 19th century, is regarded as a true precursor of modern art. His artistic approach, characterised by large volumes, influenced many generations of artists and played a major role in the emergence of the Cubist movement, which sought to break away from traditional artistic conventions.
Among CĂ©zanne's many works, there are over 87 depictions of Mount Sainte Victoire. In our bouquet, dedicated to this painting, we sought to capture the fascination that we, like CĂ©zanne, feel for this limestone massif. So our florists used double lilies to represent this mountain, and played with the blue-green shades of thistles and tracheliums to create a harmonious transition between the trees and the rest of the landscape.
To evoke the background of the painting, we chose peach statice and pink phlox, which give a feeling of freshness and echo the colours of the painting.
With this floral arrangement, we invite you to feel the summer mountain breeze, just as CĂ©zanne's painting suggests.

Each season, Aquarelle's florists are committed to offering you a collection of bouquets inspired by works of art by great painters.
Like a painter who uses canvas, brushes and paints to create his work, our florists have designed and composed the bouquets in the collection using a palette of fresh flower colours.
The approach is the same, the gestures similar, the creation unique and personal.

Instructions for care

How to keep cut flowers fresh
  • Cut the tie surrounding the stems
  • Clean the stems, removing any leaves that will be immersed in water.
  • Trim the stems according to the height of your vase.
  • Fill the vase with fresh water.
  • Add the sachet of plant food provided.
  • Change the water and trim the stems every 2 days
Faithful to the picture
Faithful to the picture
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Optimal freshness
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Desired delivery date
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