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The Gardener Girl

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A 'Fig Tree' scented candle 70g
A 'Fig Tree' scented candle 70g

A 'Fig Tree' scented candle 70g

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Simon Saint-Jean, or “the flower painter”, is known for his talent of seizing the flower in all its unicity.

The florists Aquarelle wanted to replicate the flower basket in a bouquet both vaporous and raffined.

They opted for a mix of big flowers, like roses and chrysanthemums with more delicate flowers like branchy roses, clematis and astilbes. The cream tones contraste with the more intense color of the purple chrysanthemum : the result is a bouquet opulent in forms and colors.

The richness of the bouquet could be compared to the wealth of spirit of the Gardener Girl, or any other person that, by game or dream, wishes to identify itself to her. She shows proudly on her head the profusion of delicacy, grace, vulnerability, strength, shining beauty. And is it not in these adjectives that lies the definition of a flower?

Bouquet’s height : 45cm

Painting : Simon Saint-Jean, The Gardener Girl, 1837
Musée des Beaux-Arts, Lyon
Image © Lyon MBA – Photo Alain Basset