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Dendrobium nobile

One perfumed orchid + a pretty plant pot
Height including pot: 50 cm

Product pictured : 50 cm

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Today, invites you to share a delightfully original variety of orchid: Dendrobium nobile. These flowers offer an infinite choice of shapes, colours and textures, guaranteed to make you dream of distant shores... Let bring a touch of magic and exoticism into your home with this graceful, delicate orchid.
Your orchid will be accompanied by a pretty plant pot.

Height including pot: 50 cm.

Instructions for care

How to care for a Dendrobium?

  • Temperature: Indoors, from 18° to 25°C.
  • Light: Strong and abundant light is required to help your orchid grow and flower, but do not expose it to direct sunlight in the summer to avoid burning the leaves.
  • Watering: Very regular watering in the spring and autumn, when it flowers. In the summer, moisten it at least twice a week. Adapt the frequency according to the seasons and the weather. Avoid over-watering which will damage the plant.
  • Reflowering: A period of a few weeks in a cool setting, around 10 to 15°C, is vital to trigger flowering. For certain Dendrobiums, this is the most important factor, ahead of fertilization or light quality.
  • Outside: Your orchid can be placed outsidein the summer, if the weather is good. If not, it is safer to keep it inside until September when it has finished growing and to put it in condition for flowering.
Included flower pot
Included flower pot
All our plants come with a lovely pot
From Europe
From Europe
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Desired delivery date
Desired delivery date
4 hours delivery in Paris by bike, 24h delivery accross France