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The young Lady with Gloves

The bouquet will be delivered with a nice postcard of the painting of Tamara de Lempicka

Product pictured : 45 cm

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Glass jar, perfect for our bouquets
Glass jar, perfect for our bouquets

Glass jar, perfect for our bouquets

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Scented candle

Total : €45.00

In a cinematic close-up frame, La Jeune Fille aux Gants or 'The Young Girl in Gloves' seems to hide her face with the brim of her white hat, shielding herself from an exterior gaze or bright light. Her strong stage presence, and attitude capture our attention… She has all the attributes of a Hollywood actress. Her body, caressed by the fabric of her dress, exudes powerful sensuality, emphasised by the red crimson of her lips.

Whilst the painting seems to present a limited colour palette, Tamara de Lempicka's true talent is demonstrated by thethoughtful use of light and shade. In the same spirit, the bouquet creates unique effects using light, thanks to the flowers in a thousand shades of green. The dash of red orchid contrasts with the monochrome theme, bringing a seductive element to the composition.

A highly fashionable artist, Tamara de Lempicka found her style and inspiration in the actresses of silent cinema of her time. Her theatrical gaze focused on audacious women and her style is characterised by stark lines and contrasts, which is also celebrated in the bouquet.

With this floral, seductive composition we are transported to 30's Hollywood. So, shall we swing dance ?

Height of bouquet : 45 cm

Tableau : Tamara de Lempicka, Jeune fille aux gants, 1927-1930
© Tamara de Lempicka Estate, LLC / Adagp, Paris, 2021
Photo (C) Centre Pompidou