Our collection of peonies

Aquarelle has selected the most beautiful varieties of peony, grown in the open air in France by our selected producers.


Spectacular Peonies

Bouquet of peonies
Product pictured : 31,00€

From 23,00€

Lower price: Save 4 €!
An unforgettable colour! These peonies are grown outdoors, exclusively in France by our producers. As the season advances, we will be bringing you a selection of beautiful varieties. This assembled in a generous, stylish bouquet to decorate your home as the buds unfurl to reveal their magnificent flowers.

Your peonies will be sent out closed so they can be enjoyed for as long as possible by the recipient.

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Superb Peonies

Superb bouquet of peonies
Product pictured : 33,00€

From 25,00€

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Exceptional beauty! These gorgeous flowers are at the height of their season, so don't miss this opportunity to send a romantic bouquet of fragrant peonies. Grown in France especially for Aquarelle, the following varieties will make up your bouquet, occording to market - Madame Boulanger, Monsieur Jules Elie or Sarah Bernhardt - all chosen for their long-lasting beauty, resistance and stunning shades of pink: pastel, pomegranate or deep fuchsia. A bouquet filled with tender charm for an unforgettable gift.

Your peonies will be sent out fully closed so they can be enjoyed for as long as possible on arrival.

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Exceptional Peonies

Exceptional White Peonies
Product pictured : 36,00€

From 27,00€

Lower price: Save 6 €!
It's the height of the flowering season for these fabulous peonies, grown in our own flower fields in southern Brittany. These antique varieties, 'Festiva Maxima' and 'Boule de Neige', are exceptionally delicate and have a delicious fragrance. These very generous double flowers are tinged with a hint of soft green when they are still in bud and unfurl to produce beautifully pure white blooms. We've assembled them in simple bunches to make a stunning bouquet filled with natural charm.

15 stems for 27 € instead 33 €
20 stems for 36 € instead 42 €
25 stems for 44 € instead 50 €

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Delivery of magnificent peonies anywhere in France

Send a gorgeous bouquet of peonies anywhere in France with Aquarelle and be sure to please! Express delivery of bouquets of perfumed peonies anywhere in France in 24h.

Flowers produced in France for Aquarelle

Peonies are an emblematic spring flower, highly appreciated both for their beauty and their scent. Their short flowering season makes them a very sought after flower. Grown exclusively in France in the open air by our selected producers, our peonies are picked in bud form and delivered still closed so that they can open fully on arrival at their destination.

Exceptional varieties

We have carefully selected a number of exceptional varieties you can discover on our web site throughout their flowering season: white ‘Duchesse de Nemours’ peonies, pale pink ‘Fleur de Pêcher’ and ‘Shirley Temple’ peonies or deep fuchsia ‘Amabilis’ and ‘Kansas’ peonies. ‘Amabilis peonies are particularly appreciated for their delicate fragrance.
Don’t miss your chance to offer a gorgeous bouquet of peonies!

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