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Flower delivery to France
Aquarelle offers a wide range of unique gifts for Father’s Day on 17 June 2019. Browse our collection of flowers, plants and gifts such as chocolate delicacies to make your father glad !

If you live far from your father and are unable to visit him in person for Father’s Day, think about sending him Father’s Day gifts : you can add chocolates and other Father’s Day presents to your flower delivery. Wherever he lives, Aquarelle delivers your flowers and gifts everywhere in France (except Corsica) in 24h !

An affectionate thank you

Just like our mum, our dad has watched over us for many years and shielded us from life’s ups and downs. How better to express our gratitude than by sending him a Father’s Day gift, as it is the custom on the third Sunday of June every year, to thank him for his presence throughout our lives. Add Father’s Day presents such as chocolates or sweets to your flower delivery to enchant both sight and taste ! You can also opt for a plant like a bonsai or an orchid or opt for a delicately scented candle.

A popular celebration from Brittany

Did you know that Father’s Day was created by a brand in Brittany?

Just like Grandparent’s Day was created by a coffee brand, Father’s Day was inspired by Marcel Quercia, a manager at Flaminaire. In order to boost its gas lighter sales in June, where sales used to plummet dramatically, he launched a advertising campaign and asked his clients to print our the following slogan : « Our fathers told us, for Father’s Day, they want a Flaminaire ». It worked ! The French State officially recognised Father’s Day in 1952 and created a special committee with a view to honour fathers who have distinguished themselves.

What better way to treat your father than with a special flower delivery.

Original Father’s Day gifts

Aquarelle offers a wide range or original ideas to treat your father. If he is a gourmet, why not tell him you love him with a bouquet of chocolate sweets, chocolate eggs or a Rocher, you’ll be sure to delight him. If he loves the great outdoors, he will be enchanted to receive a bonsai or a plant. But the best option is likely to combine both sight and taste and add a bonsai, orchid, Calamondin orange tree or other beautiful plants to your chocolate confectionary delivery !

Browse Aquarelle’s fantastic selection of Father’s Day gifts and Father’s Day flowers !

Delivery of Father’s Day gifts anywhere France

Aquarelle curates a high-quality and original selection so you can convey your affection in the loveliest way possible. To thank your dad, think about sending him flowers or plants, with confectionary or gifts like a scented candle… Whatever you opt for, Aquarelle livers all your Father’s Day gifts everywhere in France in 24h.