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Lily of the valley delivery for May 1st

Each year, it is tradition to offer lily of the valley flowers in pots or bunches on the occasion of Labour Day on May 1st.

Lily of the valley, a spring flower

The flowering season of the lily of the valley takes place in spring, which is why since ancient times it is used to celebrate the arrival of the long-awaited new season.

The tradition of gifting a lily of the valley bouquet on May 1st goes back to the Renaissance. King Charles IX, visiting the French region of Dauphiné with his mother Catherine de Medici was gifted a spray of lily of the valley flowers by the knight Louis de Girard de Maisonforte. Charmed by the gesture, he decided to make this practice tradition, and started to offer the Ladies of the court the same flower each year on May 1st.

Lily of the Valley flowers became associated with Labour Day only in the beginning of the 20th century. In the 1940s, the Vichy regime introduced the celebration of "Labour Day" and replaced the then used poppy, associated with left-wing parties, with lily of the valley.

By the 1930s, the sales of lily of the valley bouquets was spreading on the streets. In France, this tradition still allows whoever wishes to, be they individuals or charities, to sell lily of the valley flowers on May 1st, on the streets and on marketplaces.

Replant your lily of the valley

Buying a bouquet of woodland lily of the valley, plucked with its roots intact, will enable you to replant it in your own vase for it to bloom again next year. The lily of the valley will thrive in the shade. You can replant it at the foot of a tree or along a wall facing north, to protect it from direct sunlight. Once replanted, lily of the valley spreads quickly, so choose a place where it has space to grow. Feel free to keep the areas where you want to see lily of the valley fresh and moist to facilitate its spread.

Delivery of lily of the valley

Lilies of the valley bouquet

To celebrate May Day, also known as the lily of the valley festival, Aquarelle creates original compositions of lily of the valley flowers in pots or planters, which will fill your home with delicate scents, create delicate lily of the valley funeral flowers or even make the perfect lily of the valley wedding bouquet for modern, romantic brides.

We offer real woodland lily of the valley, plucked in soft foam. Each lily of the valley spray is hand-picked along with its roots, so you can enjoy their tiny bells while they bloom and have fun replanting them in your garden to see them blossom again the following year.

Have a lovely, fragrant lilies of the valley bouquet delivered to a special someone for May 1st with Aquarelle.