Woodland lily-of-the-valley

Every year, Aquarelle brings you a crop of fragrant woodland lily-of-the-valley, picked with its roots preserved in fresh moss.
Find all our bouquets of lily-of-the-valley in our special 1st May section!


Woodland Lily-of-the-valley

Bouquet of woodland lily-of-the-valley
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From 25,00€

A free zinc vase with your lily-of-the-valley!
Rediscover the incomparable fragrance of hand-picked lily-of-the valley with this authentic woodland variety. The roots of this pretty bouquet of 60 to 70 sprays are carefully preserved in fresh moss so you can replant your lily-of-the-valley and enjoy watching it flower year after year.

Delivery available until 7th May.

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90 Sprays of Lily-of-the-Valley!

90 Sprays of Lily-of-the-Valley
Product pictured : 33,00€

From 33,00€

A majestic composition!
Once again, Aquarelle.com brings you the freshest, most fragrant woodland lily-of-the-valley. This wild variety, daintier and with more densely packed flowers, will delight you with its sweet, intense perfume, as if you'd picked it yourself! The roots of this opulent bouquet of 90 sprays of lily-of-the-valley are preserved in soft, green moss so that you can replant them and enjoy their scent next year.

This product is available for delivery until 7th May.

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Delivery of lily-of-the-valley for 1st May!

Our bouquets of woodland lily-of-the-valley

For May Day, Aquarelle assembles compositions of 30 to 60 sprays of lily-of-the-valley, in pots or window boxes, to fill your home with fragrance. Aquarelle offers real woodland lily-of-the-valley. Preserved in fresh, each clump of lily-of-the-valley is hand-picked with its roots. That way you can enjoy watching them flower then replant them ready for next year. Looking for a perfect gift for 1st May? Deliver a charming bouquet of fragrant lily-of-the-valley directly to someone’s home in under 24 hors!

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