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If you are away and can’t visit your mother in person, don’t forget to have special Mother’s Day flowers delivered on Sunday, for her special day. Fresh and elegant flowers are delivered to her home or anywhere you like, in 24h anywhere in France.

Mother’s Day flower delivery

In most countries, mothers are celebrated on Mother's Day. In France, every last Sunday of May or, if the Ascension coincides with that Sunday, the first of June, Mother's Day pays tribute to those who carried us and pampered when we were a child. A day of happiness and sharing, Mother's Day is an opportunity to spoil our mom with different presents, but above all to offer her or have her deliver a pretty bouquet of Mother's Day flowers. Have yours delivered by Aquarelle. Delivery insured in 24 hours, everywhere in France!

Mother's Day in the Greco-Roman civilization

Mother's Day is a long-held tradition, dating back to ancient times. Indeed, the Romans, like the Greeks, used to also pay tribute to their mother, especially during ceremonies taking place in the spring to celebrate two goddesses, considered as the mothers of the gods: Rhea, for the Greeks, and Cybele for the Romans! But little by little, with the decline of these two civilisations, tradition was lost before being reborn centuries later.

Napoléon and the French Republic pay tribute to all mothers

We owe the rebirth of this lovely tradition to Napoléon. Indeed, he decided in Spring 1806 to create an official holiday honouring mother. However, the Empire ended before its official introduction in the calendar. But in 1926, the Republic celebrates the first national day of mothers of large families, organising medal ceremonies. The date of the last Sunday of May, excluding Ascension, was finally settled in 1950.

The best colours for your Mother’s Day flowers

For the bouquet of Mother's Day flowers, it is better to choose shades of pink, the feminine colour by excellence. You can also decide to combine it with a few touches of red and white to highlight the sincerity and purity of your deep love for your mother. If you prefer a more invigorating bouquet with pep, don't hesitate to offer a bouquet of colorful flowers.

For the perfect bouquet of Mother's Day flowers, opt for shades of pink, feminine colour par excellence. You can also decide to associate it with a few touches of red and white to emphasize the sincerity and purity of your deep love for your mother.

Your Mother’s Day flowers delivered in Paris in 4h and everywhere in France in 24h

Whatever your choice, Aquarelle delivers your bouquet of Mother's Day flowers in 24 hours. No matter where you are that day, do not forget your mum! She will be delighted with this attentive and affectionate gesture.