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Dried flowers are back in style!

Dried flowers are the latest decorative trend, the new “must have" for every interior!
These vintage and bohemian style bouquets have been making a marked comeback. They’re also highly practical and don’t require any special maintenance apart from a quick dusting with a hairdryer on a cool, gentle setting). No need to cut the stems, remove any wilted flowers or change the water in the vase - dried flowers need no special care.

Where can I buy dried flowers?

Looking for beautiful bouquets of dried flowers to decorate your home? Want to treat your best friend who’s a vintage fan to some gorgeous dried flowers? See our brand new collection of bouquets of dried flowers composed with the prettiest blooms and grasses in vibrant colours.

Aquarelle’s bouquets of dried flowers

For our new collection of dried flowers, Aquarelle was inspired by the natural charm of white rhodantes, yellow lonas, pink delphiniums, blue thistles and the simple beauty of dried wheat and oats.
These varieties composing our pretty bouquets of dried flowers are the new stars of interior design.

How to take care of dried flowers

  • Do not place the stems in water as the bouquet should be kept dry.
  • To keep the colours bright, avoid exposing the flowers to direct sunlight.
  • Dried flowers require very little maintenance, but they can be dusted occasionally using a hair drier on a low, cool setting.
  • NB: Dried flowers should always be handled head downwards.