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Your arrangement will be composed and delivered by the nearest member of our trusted network of artisan florists, 123fleurs.

Delivery of funeral flowers

For all your funeral flower deliveries, Aquarelle has partnered with the website 123fleurs, a specialist in sending funeral flowers and wreaths. Their local florists carry out your flower orders and deliver them to home, the funeral parlor, the cemetery or the place of your choice.

How to choose the perfect funeral flowers

In the past, a bouquet of condolences was offered to the family of the deceased to show their support in the difficult moment of grief. Gradually, offering a wreath of flowers or a funeral arrangement was focused on the departed, to whom we wish today to pay a last tribute, to give one last mark of affection, of condolences, to say one last goodbye.

In the event of a bereavement, the same floral decoration will not be chosen according to whether one belongs to the family of the deceased or not. Here is our selection of bouquets and floral funeral arrangement delivered by a florist 123Fleurs at the home of the deceased or his family, at the place of worship, the cemetery or the funeral.

Funeral wreaths

The wreath of sympathy flowers is a conical floral creation that can be laid flat or presented in a container where the flowers are pinned to a foam form so that they last longer. The wreath is usually reserved for the religious ceremony, the cemetery or the funeral. It is only offered on the day of the burial.

Funeral flower cushion

The mourning flower cushion is a round or square floral arrangement. The fresh flowers, chosen with care in tones suited to express their sorrow, are stitched in a foam plateau to give it more volume. It can be delivered to the home of the deceased or his family a few days before or after the burial, but also at the place of worship, the cemetery or the funeral parlor.
We also offer hearts of flowers for mourning, cross-shaped casket flowers ...

Funeral flower spray

The mourning flower spray features a blend of fresh flowers planted in a moss form, as with the mourning cushion. But its oblong shape often bears a ribbon in tribute to the deceased. The spray can measure up to one meter in length.

Special funeral wreath

A wreath of burial flowers, also called mortuary crown, can measure up to 80 cm. Piqued with condolence flowers, it is presented "flat" or "on foot" and embellished with a ribbon bearing an inscription in tribute to the deceased.

Casket flowers and tomb flower arrangements

These funeral flower arrangements are quite large and offered by the deceased’s family members.

Which colour for your funeral flowers?

For a bereavement, as with any other event in life, flowers have a language. Choosing the flowers to best express your sympathy is important. Depending on the feelings you want to express, we offer a variety of fresh flowers delivered in the chosen form to the home of the deceased or his family, the place of worship, the cemetery or the funeral.

Some words on colours

While white is a neutral colour and suitable for all the floral arrangements offered by the family or the friends of the deceased, the purity it evokes often invites to favour it for the loss of young people, particularly the children. The mauve, meanwhile, evokes sadness and is suitable for all kinds of funeral flower arrangements, to which we can add flowers in warmer tones.
However, nothing is really forbidden. The bottom line is that you can express your affection, regardless of the pattern of bouquets of mourning flowers you choose.
Whatever your choice, a florist will deliver your flowers of mourning everywhere in France, to the address indicated by your care.