Our Easter chocolates

Product pictured : €40.00

Mouth-watering chocolates to share!
With our artisan chocolatier, we dreamed up this deliciously original creation, guaranteed to delight gourmets of all ages...
Composed exclusively of chocolates and a handful of foliage, these mini wicker baskets hold an irresistible selection of treats - delicious rochers, mouth-watering giandujas and dark chocolate 'mendiants' - to make the perfect gift to share and savour...)

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From €33.00

Product pictured : €41.00

70% pure cocoa butter chocolates from the most prestigious origins!
A treasure trove of dark, intense flavours await pure chocolate lovers!
For this delicious assortment, we selected only chocolates of exceptional quality, with unique, intense flavours: the dark Ecuador palet, with mouth-watering fruity notes, the authentic, tangyy Madagascar palet and the delicately smoky, spicy Java palet with its subte woody notes.
A prestigious gourmet gift for yourself or a fellow aficionado, which will be accompanied by a pretty bouquet of 15 roses!

220g of dark chocolates (20 palets) + a bouquet of multi-coloured roses

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From €41.00

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Ballotin of rochers and roses

One price €29.00

Special offer: 29 € instead of 32 €!
Our delicious rochers in a 300g ballotin, so you get more chocolates for an irrestistible price. Our rochers are now covered in mouth-watering Ecuador chocolate and will be accompanied by a pretty bouquet of 15 multi-coloured roses to make an unforgettable gift!

29 € : 300g of rochers + 15 roses

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300 g : €29.00

One price €29.00