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Valentine’s flowers and gifts delivery

Valentine’s Day is celebrated every year on 14 February to commemorate Valentin, a Roman priest who was executed that day for celebrating weddings, despite the imperial order which considered married men were bad soldiers. Valentine felt this was unfair, so he broke the rules and arranged marriages in secret. We celebrate love on that day ever since, by offering Valentine’s day roses and other Valentine’s Day flowers and gifts. Send Valentine’s flowers now, delivered in France by Aquarelle.

Your Valentine’s flowers say « I love you »…

Renew your vows of love with beautiful Valentine’s flowers. You are sure to delight your Valentine, who will be amazed to discover the harmonious bouquet of fresh flowers, created by the Aquarelle florists. Round, multi-coloured bouquets or traditional Valentine’s red roses, symbol of passion, each of our floral creations is a sign of love for Valentine’s Day.

How to choose your bouquet for Valentine’s Day

Wherever you are, have Valentine’s Day flowers or gourmet gifts delivered to your loved one.

Choose Valentine’s Day flowers for a woman

A timeless gift par excellence, the Valentine's flowers are a must-have gift for a woman on this special day. Whatever the number of flowers and the colour of your bouquet, Aquarelle offers a wide selection of fresh and seasonal flowers, including the rose, queen of flowers and undisputed star in all seasons. As a stand-alone or as part of a bouquet, the red rose is a symbole of Valentine’s Day, which will not fail to steal the heart of your beloved.

Choose Valentine’s Day gifts for a man

Are you looking for a Valentine’s Day gift for a man ? Did you know that flowers are not only destined to women ? If you prefer to opt for a Valentine’s Day gift, you can offer him a scented candle, or a bonsaï to decorate his office. Delivered with a gourmet chocolate delicacy, this lovely gesture will delight him !

Delivery on 14 February, on Valentine’s Day

Whatever your choice, have your Valentine’s Day flowers and gifts delivered everywhere in France (Corsica excluded), at home or at the office. Need a last minute gift of Valentine’s Day ? Aquarelle takes care of the speedy delivery, and budget need not be an issue. Aquarelle also caters for cheap Valentine’s Day gifts. Do not forget to add a love note, added free of charge to your bouquet…

Delight your Valentine with a beautiful Valentine’s Day flower arrangement, delivered in no time by Aquarelle anywhere in France. Send flowers for Valentine's day now.