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Flower delivery > 15 red roses and a love candle

15 red roses and a love candle

15 red roses and a love candle

Product pictured : 190 g

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Choose your message of love!
Send your messages of love with our sweet 'Red Peony' scented candles. We suggest you to choose between two messages:

Message 1 : 'I declare my flame to you'.
Message 2 : 'You make me melt'

With 15 red roses This box contains a 190 g scented candle. Perfect in a living room, this 100% vegetable candle will scent your room for about 50 hours.

Instructions for care

How to store cut flowers?
  • Cut the tie surrounding the flowers
  • Clean the stems, making sure to remove any foliage in contact with water
  • Cut the stems to adapt the bouquet to the size of the vase
  • Fill the vase with fresh water
  • Pour the nutrient sachet into the water in the vase
  • Change the water and recut the stems every 2 days
How to use our scented candles?
  • When using for the first time, burn the candle for 1 to 2 hours
  • Avoid burning it for more than 3 consecutive hours
  • Never leave a candle burning unsupervised
  • Keep lit candles away from any object that could catch fire
  • Regularly cut the wick to 0.5-0.7 cm when the candle is cold