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Flower delivery > Delicious chocolate bouquet

Delicious chocolate bouquet

Product pictured : 11 baskets

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Mouth-watering chocolates to share!
With our artisan chocolatier, we dreamed up this deliciously original creation, guaranteed to delight gourmets of all ages...
Composed exclusively of chocolates and a handful of foliage, these mini wicker baskets hold an irresistible selection of treats - delicious rochers, mouth-watering giandujas and dark chocolate 'mendiants' - to make the perfect gift to share and savour with friends and family... 40€ : 8 racks : 445g
47€ : 11 racks : 625g

Composition and conservation

How to keep our chocolate bouquet
This original creation is composed of delicious rochers covered with dark and milk chocolate, giandujas and dark chocolate mendiants.

Our chocolates are best appreciated at room temperature. They should be kept in their original packaging in a cool, dry place. We recommend that you eat your chocolates within a month of receiving them.
In high temperatures or during a prolonged absence, you may leave your chocolates for a short time in the refrigerator, in their original (closed) packaging. Chocolates do not tolerate sudden changes in temperature. Once they have been in the fridge, they should be allowed to return slowly to room temperature before being eaten. Keep the box closed until the chocolates have returned to a normal temperature to avoid any whitening due to condensation.
Composition of rochers:
Sugar, Hazelnuts, Cocoa butter, Almonds, Whole milk powder, Cocoa, Lactose, Cocoa powder, emulsifier (Non-GMO certified soya lecithin), Salt, Flavouring.
Made in France
Made in France
French & traditional production
150 years know how
150 years know how
Made by our chocolatier
Quality ingredients
Quality ingredients
Cocoa butter