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Fruit pastes

Fruit pastes

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The recipes we use for our fruit pastes maintain all the pure, authentic taste of the fruit, with only a little added sugar. In a delicious assortment of mandarine, pear, strawberry, apricot and raspberry pastes. You'll love their natural flavour and their low sugar content. A pure delight for fruit addicts.

27.00 € : 200g of fruit pastes (20 fruit pastes)
49.00 € : 400g of fruit pastes (40 fruit pastes)
72.00 € : 600g of fruit pastes (60 fruit pastes)

Composition and conservation

About our fruit pastes
In the heart of Provence, our fruit pastes are made by a confectionery house run by 4 generations of the same family, passing on their tradition of exceptional quality.
Our artisan-made fruit pastes preserve the purest flavour of the fruit: succulent mandarin, pear, strawberry, apricot and raspberry.
Made in France
Made in France
French & traditional production
150 years know how
150 years know how
Made by our chocolatier
Quality ingredients
Quality ingredients
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