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Jasmine Neroli Candle

One price: 19 €
for a 190g candle + a FREE sachet of crunchy chocolate eggs!
for 40 to 50 hours of burning-time.

Product pictured : 190 g

Set delivery price : €7.90


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Total : €19.00


Our scented candles are made from vegetable wax.
Perfect in a living room, this candle will perfume your room with its jasmine neroli scent.
As a gift or simply to treat yourself, let yourself be tempted by this delicious aroma. The candles are available in several sizes: 190g for 50 hours of cozy atmosphere, 690g for 85 hours of happiness or 1.65kg to leave room for 130 hours of fragrance in your home

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Precautions for use

How to use our scented candles?
Our candles are perfumed with essential oils and composed of natural wax.

  • When you use it for the first time, burn your candle for 1 or 2 hours
  • Avoid burning your candle for more than 3 consecutive hours
  • Never leave your candle burning unwatched
  • Keep lit candles away from any flammable objects
  • Trim the wick regularly to 0.5-0.7 cm while the candle is cold
Made in France at Grasse
Made in France at Grasse
The French capital of parfums
100% vegetal wax
100% vegetal wax
Best scent and longer duration