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About Aquarelle

With more than 30 years of artisanal and creative expertise, and more than 20 years of online presence, Aquarelle is a pioneer of e-commerce in France: we are a family business that now collaborates with over 200 people who put flowers at the centre of their lives.

Once upon a time, there was an Aquarelle shop in Rennes

Our first shop opened in 1987 in Rennes, on the rue Jules Simon. The quality of the flowers and beauty of our compositions were highly admired by our clients. This led to the founding brothers of Aquarelle, Henri and François de Maublanc, opening other shops.

In a few years, the business expanded with more shops opening and Aquarelle became a renowned florist in France.

From the beginning, there was a wide range on offer: with bouquets in bunches or composed bouquets, rustic bouquets, scented or romantic bouquets to suit everyone’s tastes.


In 1997, the first online florist specialising in home delivery launched its website !

When a client asked to send a flower bouquet from the shop to the other side of France, Henri and François de Maublanc decided to set up this trade online.

In true 90’s start-up fashion, François de Maublanc spent entire nights taking photos of bouquets and posting them online.

In 1997, the Maublanc brothers launched the first ever website specialising in home flower delivery. With it became possible to order a bouquet online and send it anywhere in France.

What’s more, Aquarelle guaranteed that the bouquet delivered would match the bouquet ordered online.

Aquarelle, an artisan florist for over 30 years

Online does not mean machine made, especially for Aquarelle! Everyday, our florists lovingly hand-tie your bouquets. Nadège, Séverine, Sophie, Ludivine, Nathalie, Sandrine, Christelle and all our florists carefully prepare your bouquets, to ensure that you and your loved ones receive the best floral product. It’s thanks to them that the bouquets are so beautiful!

Aquarelle warehouse

A corner of paradise in Oise, the Brasseuse warehouse

Our bouquets are hand-crafted in a former 19th century distillery in Brasseuse, a small village in Oise, a popular region with all the large European flower sellers.

Aquarelle warehouse

It’s here that everything happens: from flower delivery every morning, to the artisanal creation of bouquets by the expert hands of our artisan florists, and delivery to your home or your recipient’s address. It’s a quick turnaround to ensure optimal freshness of the bouquets!

Fleurs fraîches

Fresh and seasonal flowers from the best producers

We have always worked with the best suppliers to ensure you receive bouquets composed with fresh, seasonal flowers that have optimal longevity. Notably, we promote French flowers and suppliers with our bouquets labelled ‘Flowers of France’, composed with flowers grown exclusively in our country.

According to the season, you will find our bunches of anemones, ranunculus, tulips and peonies grown by the best French producers: Didier in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, Jean-Yves in Bretagne, Séverine in the Île-de-France, Nicolas for the Hauts-de-France area and Damien in Picardie. They are very attentive when it comes to growing their flowers. When the season doesn’t allow for growth in other regions, we source our flowers from the Netherlands, the largest flower market.


To celebrate French flowers even more and to promote local producers, we now offer our ‘Market Bouquet’ range, composed with flowers grown in France according to the consignment of flowers that day. Every day, you can enjoy a unique, French bouquet, composed by our artisan florists.

Do you fancy some scented flowers? We offer naturally scented flower bouquets, as well as a market bouquet labelled ‘Flowers of France’, composed with French perfumed flowers according to the consignment of flowers that day.

Fairtrade roses

Fairtrade roses: our commitment in Ethiopia

For our rose collection, we have chosen to collaborate with producers in Ethiopia. ‘Why Africa?’ you might ask.

Firstly, it’s sustainable: the African climate allows roses to grow naturally without the need for heated greenhouses.

Secondly, we ensure high safety standards: we strive to ensure that our pickers work in safe conditions and that they are in good health. They are equipped with suitable protective gear and have permanent access to medical treatment.

Lastly, we facilitate access to education: for each rose purchased, 15% of the price goes back to our Ethiopian farming partner, in order to finance social projects benefiting the flower-pickers and their communities. In 2019, we set up an educational bursary for the workers and their children.

Aquarelle doesn’t just do flowers !

We wanted to expand our offering with houseplants and outdoor potted plants, as well as with original gifts, including confectionery and chocolates and scented artisanal candles. This way, you can supplement your floral composition with some lovely presents, perfect for any occasion.

Green and floral plants

Our green and floral plants

Our plants will bring joy to anyone with green-fingers! Plants offer us a special way to reconnect with nature - they decorate our homes and gardens, whilst also de-polluting those spaces.

Bougainvillea, Sicilian olive trees, orange trees, palms, calathea… you can choose to keep or offer the plant that you like the most and watch it grow over the course of days and months that follow. Truly satisfying!

Discover our green and floral plants


Our chocolates and confectionary

We offer a large range of gourmand treats for the finest tastes: sweetshop bouquets, composed with sweets or chocolates, crystallised fruits, chocolate buttons, praline rochers, dark chocolates, fondant ganaches, pralines...

Our chocolates are made by hand in Strasbourg, France, using a French recipe. They are made using 100% pure cocoa butter.

Discover our chocolates and confectionary


Our artisanal scented candles

Our scented candles are made in Spain using vegetable wax, and their scents are created especially for us by an artisan perfume maker in Grasse.

You can also choose from our selection of scents: Fig Tree, Neroli Jasmine, Red Peony, Rose and Tuberose.

Discover our scented candles

The team

Our team ❤️

We are committed to giving you the best floral experience every day.

Artisan florists since 1987
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